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Background on Life Community AME Church

The spiritual legacy of Bishop Richard Allen and the wisdom and vision of Bishop Hubert N. Robinson (Former Bishop of the 4th Episcopal District) birthed the concept for an African Methodist Episcopal Church on the Northside of Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Charles Beadles was appointed the first pastor the church’s humble beginnings were launched in the home Dr. and Mrs. Mary E.Beadles, known as the “Pioneers of the Legacy.” Thirteen people led by Presiding Elder William Sampson Nelson gathered in the Upper Room of Coppin Chapel AME Church and signed the charter to officially organize Robinson Community AME Church, named in honor of Bishop Robinson and the community in which it would serve.



Pastoral leadership at Robinson community included great ministers such as Revs. Walter Walters, Samuel Sumner, E. Anne Henning-Byfield (Bishop), and Robert Harvey. Utilizing their spiritual and natural gifts to edify this Indianapolis community they executed a great work for the Kingdom. Many of the pastors were recognized and respected for their evangelistic ministries and Christian social activism. Their tenures of leadership gave testimony to their intentional tenacity to nurture, develop, and equip men and women to work the vineyard, bringing souls into the Kingdom of God.



Way of Life would start from Rev. Jerry E. Davis’ ‟simple prayer for God” to place him in a vocation that would utilize his passion for music, his spiritual gifts, and his technical savvy.” He was a member of Robinson Community and ordained an Itinerant Deacon in 2003. While serving at Robinson Community, he was approached by then Presiding Elder Henning-Byfield to establish and plant an AME church in Avon, Indiana. It was God’s will and way to launch him into his destiny and to accept the calling on his life to become a Pastor.


On February 6, 2006, Rev. Davis, Lady Kiahna, and friend Lynnette Thurmon (also a former member of Robinson) sat in the kitchen of the couple’s home holding the first official organizational meeting. The three pondered and prayed about the name of the church, the outreach, and Kingdom building strategies along with possible locations. It was decided to simply wait on God’s divine intervention. In a very short while, Rev. Davis and First Lady’s hearts were instructed how to go forth to fulfill the vision. They received divine instructions to name the church Way of Life AME church, with the mantra, “Where the sacred meets the secular.” It began with Bible study, first at the couple’s home, then to the homes of other members, and finally the Comfort Inn Suites of Avon.



God predestined in 2013 for Pastor and First Lady Davis to shepherd a new congregation of believers. This group would be a merging of Way of Life and Robinson Community, now known as Life Community AME Church. Pastor Davis’ ministry had come full circle back to where it all started.



Life Community AME is built on a foundation of love, prayer, fasting, hard work, and strategic planning. Through the vision of those that God has chosen to take a generation of people forward, they have created an intentional blend of strategic social action, praise and worship, compassionate community service, cultural-sensitive evangelism, practical preaching, and teaching.


Life Community AME Church, “Where faith and life merge,” has made great strides within its first years of service. The membership grew, the staff was well equipped, and there was endless and enduring love, guidance, sacrifice, prayer and support from Pastor Davis and First Lady Kiahna. 

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